Senior Cat Health Checks

Our Senior Cat Health Checks have been developed to identify senior health problems early, and help extend your pet's life.

As cats get older they are more likely to develop health problems such as:

Cats can be good at ‘hiding’ symptoms of illness and often do not show signs until the condition is more advanced. However, these health problems often have early signs which can be picked up through some simple tests.

We are offering Senior Health Checks with our Veterinary Nursing Teams which includes:

We recommend this for any cats over 8 years old, identifying health problems early gives more treatment options and will often help to extend a pet’s life.

This package is currently being offered at the discounted rate of £100. This is a huge saving of over 50% based on the normal prices for these tests if done individually.

If you are interested in taking advantage of this offer please book an appointment by calling the branch.

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