Digital X-Ray

Find out why Digital X-ray comes as standard in our practices...

X-ray has been around for years but the introduction of digital x-ray has been a huge leap forward in the quality of images we are able to take.

We strongly believe that there are huge advantages in using digital x-ray over conventional x-ray so you will find state of the art veterinary digital x-ray equipment in all our surgeries.

The advantages of digital x-ray over a traditional system are:

  • Lower exposure means that procedure is safer for your pets
  • Superior image quality – making diagnosis easier and more accurate
  • Quicker diagnosis
  • More environmentally friendly as no need for chemicals
  • Images can be stored on a computer and attached to your pet’s record and retrieved more easily
  • Images can be transferred between vets for second opinions, sent to specialists or sent to insurance companies.

Our Acorn practice in West Kirby and Willows Hospital in Hartford are two of a handful of vets in the area that has invested in Dental Digital X-ray equipment.